In establishing a job agent in Lundbeck’s job portal, your application and your data will be registered in our recruiting system, YoungCRM, in accordance with the following guidelines:

Processing of personal data and purpose
Your job agent and the personal data you send to us will be processed by Lundbeck’s HR department. The sole purpose of this activity is to send you relevant Lundbeck career opportunities that match your criteria.

Your personal information will be treated as confidential, and only employees for whom it is strictly necessary will have access to your personal data and files.

Storage of personal data
Your job agent and personal data will be stored in a database in our recruiting system. Even if you are not considered for a specific position that matches the criteria you have provided, we will keep your information on file in case of a job vacancy at a later time, unless you specifically ask to have it deleted. This may be done by contacting the HR department of Lundbeck. You have the right to be informed of the information on file about you as well as the right to have all information about you deleted. This may likewise be done by contacting the HR department of Lundbeck.

Sharing of personal data
Lundbeck will not share your data with unauthorized third parties. However, Lundbeck sometimes uses affiliated/allied companies or third parties to act on behalf of Lundbeck. By accepting these terms, you also accept that Lundbeck may, to the extent necessary, share certain information with a third party.

Information requirements
You must personally ensure that the data you share with us is correct and complete. You are asked not to share sensitive information such as race, religion, sexual orientation or health status. You should be aware that when you apply for a position with us, your email address will serve as ID. We therefore recommend that you supply a personal email address rather than a work-related address or an email address that is shared with other persons.

Should any of your data/information change, we encourage you to update them. This may be done by using the unique link at the bottom of every mail we send to you. The text on this link is: “Manage your information.”

Lundbeck reserves the right to delete data at any time if the above terms are not respected.

Receipt of newsletters or similar marketing materials
In registering yourself with our job agent, you should be aware that you also agree to allow Lundbeck to send you mails and/or text messages in the form of job agents about Lundbeck and its career and training opportunities. In order to forward job agents, your name, email and possibly your telephone number will be registered.

This agreement can be withdrawn at any time by unsubscribing to the job agent. This may be accomplished by using the “Manage my information” link at the bottom of all mails.

All data are stored on secure servers at our partner, YoungCRM. The network connection between your computer and YoungCRM’s servers is established in accordance with the most common security guidelines for encryption and other security measures.

Use of data for statistical purposes
The data entered by you may be used for statistical purposes to help improve the recruitment process for applicants as well as for Lundbeck.

Your data will be stored for up to 5 years, after which only a few depersonalized facts will be retained in an for statistical purposes.

Agreement and acceptance of terms
If you can accept these terms, we request that you indicate your agreement by marking the appropriate box.